Battere Sognatori Febbre di Disperazione (Beat Fever Dreamers of Despair)

by The Porpoise Donuts

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Axolotl Daydream presents The Porpoise Donuts.
A fictional eighties synth pop band that released this dystopian,
post-apocalyptic concept album on their third outing.

The lead singer left shortly after its release. Rumour has it he's living
in Barbados, collecting non-existent royalties.


released December 1, 2015

All Music and Lyrics by The Porpoise Donuts.

Recorded on the Yamaha DJX and AW16g
Guitar on Earworms.

Mixed with Garageband.




Tim King / Axolotl Daydream Salem, Oregon

Axolotl Daydream:

Isaac King: Drums,
backing vocals
(on debut)

Tim King: Everything Else

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Track Name: Everything's Fine
Everything’s Fine

He Drove his Duesenburg into the garden shed.
And on the radio, commander Campbell said:

“Now is the time and we shall not taler. If there’s been a crime,
then we know the culprit.”

But these immortal words, he never heard them said.
"Keep you hands in view, get down and watch your head.”

We tell you how to think.
We tell you what’s a sin.
We fold up all the logic
and dole it out again.

We split up all the atoms.
We pull out every rug.
We connect colored wires
and give your ear a tug.

We transmit subtle patterns.
Project them behind your face.
We test without permission.
We keep you in your place.

We send it through the airwaves.
We volunteer your voice.
We preclude indecision
so that you have no choice.

All in all, everything’s fine.
But what you gonna do when the crawl inside your mind?

A single rose petal landed across his cheek.
He felt the lightning strike;
Didn’t move for half a week.

He sleeps in broken houses.
He burps and moans the words.
He speaks in partial context,
hoping they never heard.

This is no fairyland.
This is no late show flick.
He's not a windowpane.
he's not a lunatic.

(Please don’t dissolve me.)

We tell you when to work.
We tell you when to quit.
We don’t explain a thing.
You’re part of our exhibit.

We tell tell you where to go.
We tell you what to do.
We decide when you die.
We know what’s best for you.

We feed you fertilizer.
We scream inside your ear.
We are the scrutinizers.
We tell you what to fear.

We Portion out your senses.
We poke you with a stick
We lower your defenses
We watch you ration it.

All and all, every things fine.
But what you gonna do when they put you in that line?

(Please don’t dissolve me.)
Track Name: Graphs and Charts
Graphs and Charts

Beaming with light.
Strictly for fun.
Tears on your face.
But you're not the one.

Forget the pain.
Pin of the head.
On with the chase.
Rumours to spread.

Stripped down to nothing.
Submerged into something.
Eyes rolled back and tongue out.
Kindly spit your gum out.

Vessels to clot.
Nerves left to soothe.
Handles to hold.
Wrinkles to smooth.

Water to Spit
Millions to owe.
Blood left to boil.
Linings to sew.

Wheeled to the front row.
Made an example.
Brought to the last dance.
Fished out with no chance.

It’s just a process, it’s a procedure.
It would be best to let the tubes feed you.
Just lie and be still.
It won’t disturb you.
There’s nothing to fear.
No one will hurt you.

Pull pack the curtain, look out the window,
See the birds eating, feel the crescendo.
We can correct this, we have the parts.
The evidence is here in the graphs and charts.

In the graphs and charts.
In the graphs and charts.
Track Name: Rabbit Hole
#3 Rabbit Hole

Waa - Oh!

Down the rabbit hole we go.
Down the rabbit hole we go ~

There’s nothing left, so say goodbye.
Cause we can crawl and you can fly.
Anything you dream can never be denied.

Waa - Oh!

Down the rabbit hole we go.
Down the rabbit hole we go ~

Flowers pave the road and asphalt fills the sky.
Microwaves of pain, a shattered glassine cry.

Everything it seems turns out to be a lie.

Waa - Oh!

Down the rabbit hole we go.
Down the rabbit hole we go ~

Cough drops break your jaws, and aspirin’s growing claws.
Bird with naked feet cross the barren street.

Everything’s so commonplace you’ll want to take a seat.
When you saw the warning sign you put it on repeat.
Now the dancing girls are just shadows and cracks in the concrete.

Waa - Oh!

Down the rabbit hole we go.
Down the rabbit hole we go...
Track Name: A Distant Star
#4 A Distant Star

We have been tortured
for far too long.
Pulled and prodded,
quartered and drawn.

We can no longer
give and not receive.
Enough is enough.
We must now take our leave.

It’s time to heal the scar.
So gather the seeds, we’ll get what we need from a distant star.

I know you
know what this means.
They won’t last too long
without our greens.

So go ahead
and weep for the fools.
They had their chance.
They had the tools.

It’s not so very far.
There’s no room for doubt, it’ time to branch out to a distant star.

But will there be fine loam? Yes.
Water for the rest? Yes.
We’ll be left alone? Yes.
We trust you know best. Yes.

Our kind is truly blessed.
Our kind is truly blessed.

You mean we won’t be chopped down? No.
No more getting cleaved? No.
No more sad saplings? No.
I think that we should leave. Yes.

I think that we should leave. Yes!
I think that we should leave. Yes!
I think that we should leave. Yes!

This is exit
This is our plan.
We depart tomorrow
for a new land.

Come as you are.
There’s nothing to bring, we’ll get everything from a distant star.
Just knock on this wood, the future looks good on a distant star.
Now we’re barely alive, but our limbs will survive on a distant star.
Track Name: Earworms
#5 Earworms

They’re inside the walls.
and under your drawers.
they’re down in the hall.
And you can’t ignore.

No confliction.
Full Submission.
No Opposition.

Threat of Sedition.
Our Proposition:
Terminate cognition.

You see them about.
You feel them inside.
You here them within.
It can’t be denied.

Night after night The Earworms crawl.

No confliction.
Full Submission.
No Opposition.

Night after night...
Track Name: The Trees Escaped!
#6 The Trees Escaped!

We heard the news today,
and much to our dismay,
it won’t be very long,
before there’s no oxygen.

They did not make a sound.
Just giant holes left in the ground.
And now there’s no landscape.
Look’s look the trees escaped!

They’ve gone away.
They won’t be back another day.

Some say we’re in cahoots,
but they’ve pulled up all their roots.

There is no reason.
There are no answers.
But come next season, what are the chances?

We heard the news today,
that they all went away.
We don’t know how they did it.
Perhaps a rocket ship?

The only thing we found
were mushrooms in the ground.

The trees escaped.
They’ve gone away.
What will we do now that the trees escaped?

Tired of being raped.
We’re in bad shape now that the trees escaped.

Now that the trees escaped.
Track Name: Cockroach BMF
Cockroach BMF

The stress of life gets to us sometimes.
and we need a little a little a break.
If you could only open up your door,
you’d see this is no mistake.

I’m in the dirt down on my knees,
looking for you my friend.
I smell the orange rinds drying slowly,
and a grain or two of cinnamon.

Cockroach let me in.

Cockroach be my friend.

I’d gladly share with you my every morsel.
Morning, Noon and night.
But you and your pals scatter every which way
the second I turn on the light.

Oh yeah.
(Battere Sognatori Febbre)

I bet you’re in there listening to my music.
Feels like the walls are coming down.
You probably got a mini black light poster
pulsating to the sound.

Forget about the fact we’re different species.
You should know that I don’t care.
Maybe we could grab a bite at the cafe,
and we could watch ‘em stare.

Cockroach let me in.

Cockroach be my friend.

A will bring you a pinch of sugar,
and we can stay inside.

You can sing to me your pretty songs babe,
and we can stay inside.

Track Name: Theory

I have this theory we were never born.

"I know you think that this might sound crazy,
but I’ve had some time to cut the the haze" he said,
"and now I find I can’t escape this thought today."

But suppose our vessels are just illusion, and
our soul’s they same? I’ve drawn this conclusion,
that it is just a game and some decide not to play.

I have this theory
(He has this theory),
you were never born.

The universe is a baby’s burp up,
and the sun and the moon are just tents in a circus.
and it’s never too soon to honor the service of the big surprise.

(Oh my)

And the clouds and the trees have learned how to think.
And the answer to mankind is just a sponge in the sink.
It could be so fine and just in a blink of your
twinklin’ eyes!

I have this theory
(He has this theory),
we were never born.

I have this theory
(Ponder this query)
I was never born.
Track Name: Sad and Done
Sad and Done

Now that you’ve entered soul.
We have made you whole again.

When all is sad and done.
When all is lost,
you were the only ones
who came across.

What have you done?
Where have they gone?

You were on your own.
We have brought you home again.

When all is sad and done.
When all is lost,
I (you) were the only one,
who paid the cost.