Eiffel: A Rock Opera (NaSoAlMo 2016)

by Tim King / Axolotl Daydream

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


released December 1, 2016

Written, Performed and Produced by Tim(e) King for NASOALMO 2016




Tim King / Axolotl Daydream Salem, Oregon

Axolotl Daydream:

Isaac King: Drums,
backing vocals
(on debut)

Tim King: Everything Else

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Track Name: The City of Lights

Look at night upon the city of lights
Everything’s so lovely in the city at night

So drink up your absinthe

and sleep in the Luxemburg Gardens

Gay Paris is the City of Lights (the city of lights) - echo
everything we do is such a delight
Thank you Edison
and in the summer there’s flowers
and We can drink for hours
and smell the virgin bowers all night long

Look at night upon the city of lights
People are so busy on the streets here at night
There taking carriage rides
and Little Eisenhour
Wish that we had a tower
and we could drink for hours
Wish that we had a tower
And we could dance for hours
all night long
all night long
all night.
Track Name: Precision!
PRECISION! (Uncle Molle Rat's Song)

How does the bricklayer lay the right amount of bricks?
How does he know the precise amount to mix?
When the Conciergerie’s* off, how does it get fixed?
With precision
With precision

How does the vintner make the perfect bordeaux?
What helps the gardener make his lovely flowers grow?
Who was the best friend of Michelangelo?
It’s precision

But just to know the ways and wheres and how and whys that something works isn’t all you need
For we must delve into the issues very essence if one wants to succeed!

What makes the door fit exactly in the jam?
How does the scholar excel at his exam?
What makes the tiny baby fit into her pram?
It’s precision
it’s precision

How did the architect design the Palace of Versailles?
How did Moses reach Mt. Sinai
What made de Lome's airship sail across the sky?

But just know the ways and wheres and how and whys that something works just isn’t all you need
For we must delve into the issues very essence if one wants to succeed

How does the harpist pluck upon his lyre?
What makes the lonely crank turn the eager gear?
How does a train from Prague get all the way to here?

How does the draughtsman locate the midpoint?
How does the carpenter make a dove tail joint?
And how do our monarch’s never fail to disappoint?
With precision
With precision

*The oldest clock tower in Paris
Track Name: Touch The Stars

The clouds are wrapped in the moonlight tonight
like a mother protecting her precious child
But if I gently unclasp these fingers so white
Perhaps you’d let me peak into your heart…

I’m gonna touch the stars
I’m gonna make it happen
Someday in my memoirs you’ll quote me that I wrote
“I’m gonna make it happen”

They think that I’m a fool
yeah I can hear them laughing
but one day wait and see
They’ll be toasting me
We’ll be deafened by the clapping

I’m gonna study hard
No you won’t catch me slacken'
I’ll get me a career become an engineer
So boy you bess get cracking!

Cause right now we’re so poor, we’ve not a can to crap in
But if I may confess someday I’ll see you dressed
in fine chiffon and satin

And you can bet on my love
You can bet on my love
like a gift from above you just wait and see

you can bet on my love
you can bet on my love
please don’t let on my love
you’ve lost faith in me.

you can bet on my love
you can bet on my love
don’t wet on my love
Please don’t dampen my dreams

We’ll sail away to mars
and I’m not table tapping
The universal laws have no apparent flaws
I’m gonna touch the stars

I’m / we’re gonna touch the stars
Track Name: The Contest

It says in Le Petit Journal that there’s a contest
They need a new suggestion for the world’s fair!

A monument to be seen for miles
Some kind of statue that climbs the air

Eiffel you can use your imagination
your cunning skills of math and geometry
You already proved you have the know-how
when you helped out Frédéric Bartholi

My dear wife won’t you please fetch me some paper
Grab my favorite pen and you shall see
it feels like more than my reputation is at stake here
Like the eyes of world are all watching me
Track Name: My Name is Eiffel

Well I’m Monsieur Eiffel and this here's my wife
I’ve been building bridges now for half of my life
If you took a a viaduct and point it towards the air
It would make a grand tower for your little fair
It’d make a grand tower for your Worlds fair!

Well the name is Gustave Eiffel now don’t you forget it
If you pick my project I know you won’t regret it
Don’t want no reward don’t need no Croix de Guerre
Just let me build this tower for your little fair
let me build this tower for the world's fair

How can he be so sure - you can trust me
Though it may be haute couture - I know physics
It seems little too obscure to fit - You don't know what you're saying

You silly men don't you realize he's a genius
I would trust him with my life
Well I suppose that's something we should consider

Why must i be so tall - 300 meters!
What if it the tower fall - That won't happen
It would surely crush us all to bits!
Gentlemen I can assure that is an impossibility!

Well my name is Gustave Eiffel yeah I’ll say it again
I made Lady Liberty her skeleton
It might not look like much now but give it a chance
It’ll be the The Piece de Resistance for a-Mother France!
Track Name: You've Been Selected!

You’ve been selected to build Eiffel
You’ve been elected to erect

Though quite experimental
we’d like you to assemble
a team of your best architects - sir
a team of your best architects

We have rejected all the others
We have inspected your work

We have reservations
but mostly expectations
Our fair will be so magnifique
And your tower will be fantastique!

We’ve been selected to build
We’ve been elected to erect

Though quite experimental
they’d like us to assemble
a team of our best architects - sir
a team of your best architects

We’re gonna build a tower
we’re gonna build a tower

touch the stars reprise
Track Name: We The Undersigned...

We the undersigned do hereby protest
the building of your unsightly tower
our city’s in peril and we simply won’t rest
until you stop trying to deflower our Paris

This odious column, this black smokestack,
this ghastly dream that you suggest
will be such a blight upon our city of light
we hope that you’ll do what’s best (grant this request)
for Paris

Is this a Joke?
Surely, you jest!
This is a most fruitless fight!
I don’t see how - I could to stop it right now
With the end so clearly in site.

You think that just because we’re engineers
that we have no conception of art?
If you will be patient, I will settle your fears.
And gentlemen you must know my heart
is in Paris

The neighbors are all suing and the art world’s gasp
it looks like whore just sitting on her ass

How did this Eiffel clown ever make the cut?
It’s a hideous funnel planted on its big fat butt.

You people are all scoundrels naysayers and fools
You’re reputations are tainted and marred
but to settle all bets I’ll incur any debts -
if tragedy should befall in your backyard
Track Name: Strike!

We wake up every morning drink a cup and head to town
don’t see our wives again until the sun comes down
The beer is always warm and the pot roast is ice cold
I hope I’m not still working when I’m gray and old

Walk out - we’re gonna walk out
unless we can knock out some out some kind deal

Walk out - We’re gonna walk out
unless we can talk out just the way the we feel!

Have a glass off wine and head to bed at ten
Get up in the morning and we do it all again
Don’t get us wrong sir we appreciate the work
but I'm getting sick and tired of being treated like a jerk

Strike! - We’re gonna strike cause we don’t abide with anything you say
Strike - we’re gonna strike -cause we don’t like what you pay

You’ve all been so great and of course I appreciate the burden of your task
but the funds are all depleted and for you to plead for more is
just too much to ask. It’s just to much to ask

Higher - we’re getting higher
and think that should require a few more francs

So come on Eiffel - don’t stall or stifle
Won’t stop till I’m full so come on let’s dance!

As to the matter of just how high you climb to work There is no debate
for it doesn’t matter if you fall from three flights or five you’ll meet the same grim fate

Strike! - We’re gonna strike cause we don’t abide with anything you say
Strike - we’re gonna strike -cause we don’t like what you pay!

You men all agreed to the terms before we started but let me fix this snag
I Promise 100 francs to everyman that stays with me until we hoist the flag
until we fly our flag.

Eiffel, you got yourself a deal!
Track Name: Preposterous Heights

On level three things get kind of tight
we wine and dine and dance all night
so come with me, and you will see
the view at preposterous heights

First we’ll dine on escargot - that’s french for snails, in case you didn’t know
We buy them fresh, that's the best way to eat cooked snails

The waitresses appear with tankards of beer
Be sure to please tip them well
They serve crepe suzettes wearing swan bill corsets
and sporting a racy marcel

When the clock strikes at 10, they'll come round again
it is quite possible you’ll forget where you are
but you’ll have so much fun touching each other's tongues
and smoking havana cigars

Le Pétomane will sing with a blare
His world famous anus is so debonaire
it can drink red wine, so very refined
you’ll wish you brought Papa and Mère

La la la la la la

so come with me, and you will see
Such mystical marvelous sites
the view at preposterous heights
Track Name: Bridgette's Proposition
Well my name is Bridgette and although we’ve never meant,
I felt compelled to write to you these words

I keep thinking about you, but I don’t know what to do
And this proposal may seem quite absurd

If you’re wondering about me, I’m not a bit ugly
I love to smell fresh air and sweet perfume

I’m slender, fare of face and I like to wear black lace
and fantasize about your secret room

So if you dare to meet me, please say that you'll agree
I’ll be wearing a pink gardenia flower

Thitherward in gloam ‘neath the Trocadero dome
I pray you’ll put thee under your power.

I’d love to feel your great majestic tower
Track Name: Medley: Under the Tower, My Mind Has Changed, Oh Bridgette, I Fell For You

I’ll meet you under the tower
and we’ll go straight from there
Everyone’s out of town so we have nothing to fear

We’ll take the stairs. We’ll take our time
the cold fresh air feels sublime

instrumental of the first part

look over there that’s the Cathedral of Charte
and Paris square has so much great art

I don’t understand why has he not kissed me?
This handsome man I long for is haunting my dreams

maybe it’s / It can’t be wrong to want someone
I don’t believe he’s having fun


My dear I must confess this feels so strange
but the clouds have cleared up my mind has changed
so I fear I must bid you a sweet adieu

Don’t bother calling me next time that you pass thru.


What do you think your doing
Get down now from that step!
The fate that you’re pursuing will fill me regret

There’s plenty of fish in the seine
This doesn’t have to be the end
Just think of this as in between
you can love again!

Oh Brigette it’s time live for today
don’t get upset
Sometimes things just happen this way

Oh Brigette think all the good things you’ve
It’s our secret and such long long way down


Perhaps there could have have been another way
I know I lived the life of a fool
but I guess that’s the price you pay
When you decide to break the cardinal rule g7

So go back to your family
go back to and start your life anew
I know I could have any man
but my love I fell for you
Track Name: I Faced the Storm

I faced the storm as bravely as I could
and made the best of every situation
No matter what the cost
we endured the frost
and I ensured the word I gave was good

In every gentleman’s life there comes a time
when he must decide to fly or fumble
though some will spit and scorn
and curse the day you’re born
and even implicate that I’d begrime

My beautiful home
our sweet mother France
our city of light

But just look at them now that it’s all done
Every king and duke wants to shake my hand
They wanted to castrate me
but now they think it’s great see
I guess it prove I’m no mad man.

So let us drink a toast to history
Track Name: The Iron King

Eiffel the iron king
Eiffel the iron king

He never messes up
He always gets it done
He makes a lot of money and he has a little fun

Eiffel the iron king
And Magritte will wear his ring

He draws a simple plan
and gives it to his men
they elaborate upon it then they sell it back to him
That’s right!
he’s Eiffel

He’ll fill the sky full of wondrous things
So get an eyeful!

Early every morning he walks into his office
not a whole lot to say.
Looks outside his window sipping' on his coffee
and thinks ”How can I change the world today?”

He handles every task
with skill and style to spare you see
je ne peux pas are not words in his vocabulary

Eiffel the iron king
Eiffel the iron king