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Created in the month of November for www.nasoalmo.org


released December 1, 2014

Just me on this one.
Dedicated to Adam and Melissa G
Special thanks to Abby (Networ) King for putting up with it all!

Photo by Abby.




Tim King / Axolotl Daydream Salem, Oregon

Axolotl Daydream:

Isaac King: Drums,
backing vocals
(on debut)

Tim King: Everything Else

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Track Name: Ship Of Friends
Ship of Friends

Gonna set sail on a ship of friends
where there is no fail and the fun never ends

It might seem kinda spooky when you first step in
but everyone’s a kook so let the fun begin

On this rocking boat we’re gonna stay afloat.
If you got the blues, we got the antidote
Sailing with a ship of friends

It’s a tight squeeze down the corridor
but if you wanna play there’s always room for more.

You’ll be so amazed at how we get along
in no time fat all you’ll makin’ song

We’ll be playing tunes, we’ll be singing too
if you got the need, we go the place for you
Sailin’ on a Ship of Friends

Anytime, anyday, anyplace

Oh yeah the Ship of Friends is the place to be,
It’s a place for you it’s a place for me.

And later in the evening we’ll be whined and dined
cause the captain of this ship is a friend of mine

On this rocking boat we’re gonna stay afloat.
we’ll stay up all night long swapping anecdotes
Sailing/Singing/Playing/Rockin' on the ship of friends!
Track Name: Ci2i
I don’t know why we can’t C i2i
it’s getting late. I wish you could see straight
into the place that I have have found you.
Feels so good to be around you.
I can’t even think about how it would be.

I don’t know why we can’t C i2i
it’s getting late. I wish you could see straight

Baby don’t you know I still want to be the one to talk you down,
and wipe that frown from your face.

I don’t know why.

But if you’re still here in the morning,
but the side that there’s a thorn in.
If this is gonna be the last time, let’s do it right.

Baby don’t you know I still want you to be the one
to ease my fears, taste the tears from my face.

I don’t know why we can’t C i2i
don’t make me beg.
I wish that you could dig

nto this hole deep down inside me.
There’s no other place to find me
cause I’m buried in the shadow of disgrace.

I don’t know why we can’t C i2i
Track Name: Rockin' Bobby Sass
Well some say he’s might be televangelicist…
Other’s say he may be a hypno therapist
Others are sure he’s a door to door physicist
but there are even more who’ve seen him fall downstairs a-pissed.

Keep of the grass if you want to take a pass
you better do it fast cause here comes Rockin’ bobby Sass!

Well Rockin’ Bobby Sass - he don’t take no lip from you
Rockin’ Bobby Sass - even if you want him to
Been up and down these walls and he sometimes smells like airplane glue
stumbling down the halls looking’ for another tune

It’s gonna be a bash but you better pay him cash,
put on some trash cause here’s come Rockin’ Bobby Sass!

You know his next door neighbor tried to get him thrown outside
if I’ze a bettin’ man I’d wager Bobby took him for a ride.

Well his Momma told him someday he’s gonna be a cool dude.
Obama licked his arm and that meant that he wanted food.
He’s goin to the store to buy himself a raspberry snack.

Well make sure the band is brass, be prepared to flabbergast,
he’s a walkin' iconoclast, here comes Rockin Bobby Sass!
Track Name: Ramshackled
Why does my skin feel like it’s time to give in?
Why does the sky look like there’s something missing?

Baby when was the last time you found a new way?

Put out you hand and I’ll show you a brand new puzzle.
Open up your fist and I’ll give you a reason to be kissed.

Baby when was the last time you found a new way?

My mind’s been broke apart, the same goes for my heart
I’m Ramshackled.

Take out the trash and pull out those false eyelashes.
Everyone who says they care just wants to know where the cash is.

Baby when was the last time?
Baby have you ever tried this kind of thing before?

It’s might be a sin, but I hope you come back in
I’m Ramshackled.

You could have a heart of gold,
you could have a heart of Silver
But don’t mean a lot when the other things you got
are just a tiny bit off kilter.

Baby when was the last time you found a new way?

Feel like I could die, weights and measures never lie
I’m Ramshackled.