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The clouds are wrapped in the moonlight tonight
like a mother protecting her precious child
But if I gently unclasp these fingers so white
Perhaps you’d let me peak into your heart…

I’m gonna touch the stars
I’m gonna make it happen
Someday in my memoirs you’ll quote me that I wrote
“I’m gonna make it happen”

They think that I’m a fool
yeah I can hear them laughing
but one day wait and see
They’ll be toasting me
We’ll be deafened by the clapping

I’m gonna study hard
No you won’t catch me slacken'
I’ll get me a career become an engineer
So boy you bess get cracking!

Cause right now we’re so poor, we’ve not a can to crap in
But if I may confess someday I’ll see you dressed
in fine chiffon and satin

And you can bet on my love
You can bet on my love
like a gift from above you just wait and see

you can bet on my love
you can bet on my love
please don’t let on my love
you’ve lost faith in me.

you can bet on my love
you can bet on my love
don’t wet on my love
Please don’t dampen my dreams

We’ll sail away to mars
and I’m not table tapping
The universal laws have no apparent flaws
I’m gonna touch the stars

I’m / we’re gonna touch the stars


from Eiffel: A Rock Opera (NaSoAlMo 2016), released December 1, 2016




Tim King / Axolotl Daydream Salem, Oregon

Axolotl Daydream:

Isaac King: Drums,
backing vocals
(on debut)

Tim King: Everything Else

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