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Eiffel the iron king
Eiffel the iron king

He never messes up
He always gets it done
He makes a lot of money and he has a little fun

Eiffel the iron king
And Magritte will wear his ring

He draws a simple plan
and gives it to his men
they elaborate upon it then they sell it back to him
That’s right!
he’s Eiffel

He’ll fill the sky full of wondrous things
So get an eyeful!

Early every morning he walks into his office
not a whole lot to say.
Looks outside his window sipping' on his coffee
and thinks ”How can I change the world today?”

He handles every task
with skill and style to spare you see
je ne peux pas are not words in his vocabulary

Eiffel the iron king
Eiffel the iron king


from Eiffel: A Rock Opera (NaSoAlMo 2016), released December 1, 2016




Tim King / Axolotl Daydream Salem, Oregon

Axolotl Daydream:

Isaac King: Drums,
backing vocals
(on debut)

Tim King: Everything Else

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